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Give the Gift Of Imagination 

We create the finest custom mermaid swim tails in the USA.
Every unique design is handcrafted by our artists with patience and love. 
Our fabrics are unlike the rest; they are strong, durable, sparkling
and glistening with each and every movement so your child can be the most magical mermaid in the water!
Hire Mermaid & Pirate Entertainment!
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Your child can learn how to swim like a mermaid
with our mermaid scholar school! Join WI very own
professional mermaid and swim instructor
Mermaid Echo for a afternoon of training!

Each child will receive a mermaid costume to take home and a official mermaid certification.
Mermaid Swim Classes
For children ages 4-14
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Life is Simple, Just add Water !
We are following our passion to inspire creativity, imagination, physical activity,
swim skills and fun as children live out their dream of becoming mermaids!